People’s Choice Awards

The categories where the industry gets to decide!


Following the success of Hidden Gem in 2022, we have introduced a second People’s Choice Award for 2023: Entertainment Moment of the Year. Both of these awards will be awarded based on industry votes. Voting will commence on Monday 5th June 2023.

  • Entertainment Moment of the Year
    The biggest, most-talked about moment in home entertainment in 2022 
  • Hidden Gem
    The standout title that captured audience imagination, irrespective of sales

BASE will provide a list of eligible titles and moments to vote for, though there will be space to note your own suggestion should it not be present.

The top 10 Hidden Gem titles and Entertainment Moments (where ‘moment’ is not restricted by duration, but encompasses a scene, line or event) with the most votes in each category will be shortlisted in August. A second round of voting will then commence, with only those 10 moments and titles in contention.


*One vote per person.
Only those working in the category are eligible to enter – work email is required for your vote to be valid.
All votes are confidential; any title can be selected irrespective of the company you work for.



Voting for the People's Choice Awards will open on Monday 5th June 2023. Check back here then to make your vote count!