2023 Awards

2023 Award Winners

WINNER - Warner Bros. Discovery

Based on combined EST and VOD volume in 2022, as provided by The Official Charts Company:

Warner Bros. Discovery led across the combined formats in 2022, with a 23% market share for Physical, Film EST and VOD combined. This success was led by films such as Dune, The Batman, Fantastic Beasts – Secrets of Dumbledore and the award-winning Elvis.

WINNER - Lionsgate UK

Based on combined EST & VOD sales volume, excluding content licensed by major distributors, as provided by The Official Charts Company:

Lionsgate outdid its competition on digital formats in 2022, with a 19% market share for film EST and VOD combined across over 1.7 million units sold. Big hitters of 2022 included Triangle of Sadness, starring Charlbi Dean and Woody Harrelson, and the thriller Mindcage.


Based on disc sales volume, excluding content licensed by major distributors, as provided by The Official Charts Company: 

BBC Studios was victorious across physical formats in 2022, with an impressive volume share of 15% across over 770,000 units sold. With a number of releases such as the thirteenth season of Dr Who and the sixth and final series of the Birmingham based Peaky Blinders.

WINNER - Top Gun Maverick, Paramount Pictures

Based on sales volume across all formats (disc, EST & VOD) in 2022, as provided by The Official Charts Company:

Paramount’s long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick saw explosive success in 2022 and took the top spot for title of the year with more than 305K units sold on physical and almost 1.5 million units sold on EST and TVOD. Top Gun: Maverick made over £83 million at the Box Office, becoming the longest reigning non-consecutive number one in the weekly Official Charts Company film chart history.

WINNER -Sky Store

Sky Store is the worthy winner of this hard-fought category. The digital retailer continues to promote and lead the market on new release transactional content and support the biggest titles across the year. This year, Sky Store has demonstrated its support for the wider market by helping Disney to re-introduce its transactional window. This was a year of huge commercial success and promotional activity, including the first-of-its-kind countdown timers to build awareness and the launch of the best-in-class platform, Sky Glass. Sky Store continues to engage existing customers through strong promotional activity and brings in new customers too. Continuing to innovate and inspire leading with an always-on and ready-to-collaborate approach, Sky Store is a deserving winner this year.


hmv is the deserved winner tonight as it continues to champion physical formats and support the category. hmv invested heavily in super-serving the High Street and especially entertainment fandoms. This year, the retailer delivered its highest volume of steelbooks in the past 10 years offering customers “only@hmv” exclusives on 3 out of 4 of the biggest market releases in 2022. Their strengths lie in their commitment to growth – through refitting and opening new stores – continuing partnerships for and with the category and giving consumers choice and range at a local and regional level. The retailer provides shoppers with much-wanted browsing space and time, serving physical fans across all formats, from great value DVDs to the strong promotion of premium exclusives, 4K UHD and of course, merchandise.

WINNER - Silk Factory

Silk Factory has an impressive, proactive focus on culture, inclusivity and ensuring their staff are at the front and centre of everything they do. The agency is making real headway with diversity by actively seeking out talent from a diverse range of backgrounds while creating opportunities for all socio-economic backgrounds by offering paid internships and trainee schemes. The team are exceptional at what they do in the AV specialism sphere and really do go above and beyond for their clients, which was expertly demonstrated through testimonials and award nominations and wins. The judges were also impressed by Silk Factory’s future-facing plans, including their environmental and social impact goals.


OC were commended on their incredibly strong client relationships, the quality of their account management and their excellent creative work. The judges noted OC’s inclusive culture and empowered staff; they were particularly impressed by their focus and clarity that it is their team that makes OC the highly capable and well-respected agency they are known to be.


The strength and longevity of Spark’s relationships, both internally amongst the team and externally with their clients was noted as a strong point for the agency. The judges were impressed by their strategic forward planning and the frankly incredible outputs their team delivers whilst maintaining these strong existing relationships.

WINNER: The World of Batman, Warner Bros. Discovery & Apple TV

The Warner Bros. Discovery and Apple TV collaboration on the campaign for The World of Batman was exceptionally executed, successfully opening up the world of film franchises and bringing the audience in. The judges felt that the overall campaign was a unique home entertainment solution, one which promoted the new release film at the same time as some of the classic catalogue movies. Overall the collaboration delivered a high-end, user-friendly and story-driven campaign that brought in both new and existing fans, with the user journey front of mind. An exceptional example of engaging new and current audiences alike.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Thirteen Lives: Dream Audience, Once Upon A Time & Amazon Prime Video

The Dream Audience campaign for Thirteen Lives was beautifully done, putting the audience front and centre and making them feel valued and important. Despite tough logistics and difficulty with coordinating work, the results were strong, impactful and very innovative. The authored content was full of collaborative spark while delivering a strong and emotional message.

WINNER: Stranger Things Season 4 - Max Escapes Vecna, Netflix

Following the success of Hidden Gem in 2022, we have launched a second People’s Choice award – the BASE & hmv Fan Choice Award. The winner of the inaugural year is Netflix, with Stranger Things Season 4 as Max Escapes Vecna! As voted by the industry, Stranger Things was deemed the standout in this category and noted as the biggest, most talked about moment in Home Entertainment this year.

WINNER: The Queen of Spades, StudioCanal

Studiocanal took on the massive challenge of reinventing a vintage classic, The Queen of Spades (1949), on a minimal budget but really brought it to life. Using the bonus features to dive head-first into the backstory and giving something fresh to existing and new fans simultaneously, led to this entry’s success. Having acclaimed director Martin Scorsese record an exclusive intro was an inspired choice and delving into international film archives for never-before-seen footage took a lot of hard work to pull off which the judges were very impressed by.


For this campaign, the BFI took the time to explore insights and put real thought into what fans wanted from a new definitive version of this iconic movie. The BFI team retrieved and gained sign-off on a wide range of exclusive archived video content and commissioned new essays packaged together in an 80-page booklet. A well thought-out and considered selection of bonus features which were highly commended by the judges

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical - Sing Your Heart Out!, Sony Pictures

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical faced several challenges, such as being the first country to launch theatrically with limited assets, and required additional value to be added to the transactional release to ensure success. Despite the clear difficulties, Sony Pictures introduced exclusive and fun content – exactly what the audience was looking for. Telling the story of the cast practising during the Covid restrictions was a story that the judges felt needed to be told and brought a compelling human angle to the bonus features.

WINNER: Connected Devices Market Analysis & Insights, Looper Insights

The judges were very impressed with Looper Insights’ industry-first digital shelf tracking solution. By tracking the Merchandising Placement Value (MPV) partners can compare the exposure of their titles across multiple Apps versus their competitors and help them make informed decisions and improve their marketing strategy. It is a fresh and unique solution that makes something previously hard to measure into something actionable, with data that can be implemented and used immediately. Ultimately, this is what the industry and marketing departments have been asking for, for the past decade, making it strong, relevant and incredibly useful for the industry

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Disc: The Untapped Value, Kantar Worldpanel

Kantar’s Disc: The Untapped Value built a strong narrative around the ongoing value of physical disc with relevant, powerful and actionable insights. It is carefully distilled into core sections demonstrating areas for growth and how it can be tailored for commercial use. Physical disc is an important part of the transactional market and the judges felt the report created by Kantar Worldpanel was increasingly relevant and actionable for the wider industry.

WINNER: Three Colours Trilogy: A Curzon Collection, Curzon Film

The judges simply could not fault the final product for Curzon’s Three Colours Trilogy. The packaging and artwork were not only beautiful but classy with a lot of thought given to its creation. There was a bold and brave approach to the creative development with original ideas flowing throughout, ensuring the final product was “bookshelf worthy” and highly collectable. The choice to partner with artists and incorporate social-led trends into the packaging was innovative and smart, with clever use of illustrations. Combining strong partnerships, fresh interviews and the creation of short films for the fans, the Curzon team ensured this was a standout collector’s item, an unmissable collection for fans.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Film Vault: Wave 1, Spark, Warner Bros. Discovery & Universal Pictures

This joint collaboration between Spark, Warner Bros. Discovery & Universal Pictures impressed the judging panel. They felt this first wave of The Film Vault showed an indelible passion for film through its artwork; the rationale and strategy was well thought-out and it was abundantly clear that hundreds of hours of research went into the design and packaging. The results speak for themselves, with new and unique offerings for a number of classic films. The judges felt that The Film Vault is well placed for future iterations and its movies are likely to become highly collectable items.

COMMENDED: Dr Who and the Daleks, StudioCanal & Rob Watts Rogue Four

The packaging and artwork for Dr Who and the Daleks put the fans at the heart of all decision-making, giving it a strong look-and-feel that really resonated with its audience. This included adding a bold new creative to the classic original release with a variety of beautifully designed options, the comic-style illustrations and tapping into the nostalgic element of the release with a collectible vinyl worked well for the fandom while. The final result was fresh and fun with a premium look and feel which impressed the judges.

WINNER: Pink Flamingos: 50th Anniversary, DnA PR & The Criterion Collection & Sony Pictures

There is a real challenge in making a 50-year-old film relevant today, but the social and PR campaign for Pink Flamingos, led by DnA PR, The Criterion Collection & Sony Pictures, did just that. The judges felt there was a uniqueness to this campaign with a genuine connection to the audience with the Little White Lies takeover a perfect choice for the release, resulting in over 30 pieces of media coverage. The targeting across publications, partnerships and audiences, visually stunning creatives and exclusive content, made this campaign feel timely, relevant, and fresh. The judges noted in particular the level of detail, thought and strategy put into the campaign by the teams, leading to strong results and making this campaign a worthy winner.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Where The Crawdads Sing - Elmley Nature Reserve, DnA PR & Sony Pictures

The PR and social campaign for Where the Crawdads Sing was strong and over-performed on a small budget, delivering an influencer-led “big night in” on TikTok, a press trip to the Elmley Nature Reserve with the Metro’s travel blogger, and a targeted PR campaign. Despite challenges such as the short release window, the team were able to pivot quickly and bring everything together at speed. There was a clever tie-in with the book which was played up to the max, making a close connection with fans of the book. The judges also noted that the team navigated crisis PR well during this campaign.

COMMENDED: Wim Wenders: A Curzon Collection, Curzon Film

The judges thought the campaign for Wim Wenders: A Curzon Collection was classy with a strong use of interviews on YouTube with the director. The assets created were impressive and desirable for fans, with a strong and authentic unboxing for a niche audience. There was a lot of time and effort put into what the audience would appreciate the most, from Letterboxd partnerships to wide-spanning social engagement with Wim Wenders making a strongly thought-out and considered campaign.

WINNER: The Devil's Hour - Teaser and Trailers, Once Upon A Time & Amazon Prime Video

The video assets produced for The Devil’s Hour were masterful in their targeting. The various trailers and teasers were designed to target different audiences with tonally different storylines, tailoring each for specific and well-defined audiences. They were produced to high quality and created to ensure lasting impact. The excellent results across YouTube show that these assets were successful in not only converting new audiences to the show but to the horror genre itself.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Emily the Criminal: Aubrey Plaza's worst ever job, Universal Pictures & Chinagraph

Despite limited access to the lead star, Aubrey Plaza, Universal Pictures & Chinagraph managed to produce a fun and unique video asset to support the UK Home Entertainment release. The campaign was well-researched and thought through and the team created the perfect creative vehicle to show off the show’s star while the dissemination of the final asset clip resulted in strong engagement across Aubrey’s social channels and across the NME website.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Halloween Ends, Universal Pictures & Prelude Creative

The assets created for the release of Halloween Ends demonstrated a great team effort that was uniquely bespoke to the Home Entertainment release. There were several difficult challenges to overcome, such as talent approval and getting the final product through US publicity approval layers but the results speak for themselves. A distinct set of fun creatives which reflected a genuine testament to the script of the movie.

WINNER: The Film Vault Range, Universal Pictures & Warner Bros. Discovery

This exceptional partnership between Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Discovery marks the first time that these two powerhouse studios have united in this way. The judges were incredibly impressed by the cross-studio collaboration, the exceptional teamwork and strategy, and the agile responses to challenges during delivery and the overall excellent results. The bonus features and packaging were incredibly well received by fans, cementing it as a stand-out in the market. Overall, this was an impressive undertaking, with unique execution that required a high level of collaboration to bring in the results that it did, a deserving winner of Campaign of the Year for Catalogue.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Ex Machina (4K Special Edition), Universal Pictures

The 4K Special Edition of Ex Machina surprised and delighted fans with a beautiful fresh creative design across both the standard 4K release and the striking Steelbook edition. The release strategy faced a number of challenges but the Universal Pictures team managed an impressive feat, working collaboratively with their European counterparts with great results including selling out all units by the end of the first week with no PR or media budget.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Superman 1-4 (4K Steelbook Collection), Warner Bros. Discovery

The Superman 1-4 4K Steelbook Collection really put the fans at the front and centre, asking exactly what they would like to see added to a premium release. The Warner Bros. Discovery team used research and insights on what makes a title really stand out in the current market, developing a clever product framework. Bringing in the original theatrical artwork and the learnings from previous title launches was a clever tactic that helped to create a memorable campaign. Overall the team really took the time to learn what makes Superman stand out for the fans and delivered just that.

WINNER: Lionesses: How Football Came Home, Altitude Film Entertainment

The campaign for Lionesses: How Football Came Home saw several obstacles and challenges – including an incredibly tight turnaround time for all aspects of the release – that were excellently and strategically overcome.  The judges felt it was close to a miracle to be able to pull this release together across the different departments, teams and agencies. An undeniable amount of thought, problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration was on show across the entire release strategy, with everyone coming together in a short amount of time to make it happen, a truly impressive feat, and one that should be celebrated.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Emily the Criminal, Universal Pictures Content Group

The campaign for Emily the Criminal impressed the judges and was particularly strategic in its use of PR and heroing main star, Aubrey Plaza. With limited access to talent, the use of assets and creative content was noted by the judges as well-researched and phenomenally well-targeted. The lack of theatrical release in the UK was a significant challenge, however, the team made a real effort to overcome this and other obstacles they overcame. The impressive results demonstrate how well-executed and strategic their efforts were.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Terrifier 2, Signature Entertainment

The Terrifier 2 campaign was an incredibly strategic and audience-driven campaign that delivered something dynamic, fresh, unique and innovative. The team really leaned into the audience in all aspects, nailing their targeting by integrating learnings from a very successful first release. The campaign’s strength was mirrored in the impressive results, pulling on the success of the first release while still trying to convert new fans to a franchise still in its infancy.


The MUBI team excelled in their audience segmentation and targeting as they had great clarity on both who they wanted to reach and how. The success of the campaign led to strong results across all platforms and retailers after having to construct a campaign for two very distinct target audiences which was carried out simply but effectively.

WINNER: M3GAN, Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures’ campaign for M3GAN was a standout winner in the up to £15m box office category. There was a clear and well-executed strategy across media-tailored creative by audience and genre, and expert targeting that contributed to an excellent overall campaign. The team used data intelligently, along with playful creatives to target specific audiences and aid conversion. Reaching such a wide audience for brand-new IP is an impressive feat, and playing to Gen Z was a really strong choice and paid off well.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: 65, Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures’ campaign for 65 was both effective and efficient. The positioning of the media, PR and social strategies was robust, resulting in strong commercial performance across both digital and physical. The breadth of activity, along with neatly executed social media plans and a clear understanding of the audience all contributed to the judges’ highly commending this entry.

COMMENDED: Bullet Train, Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures’ campaign for Bullet Train was imaginative and creative, leaning into TikTok, competitions, and an online streaming Movie Night element to eventise the title. The team used engaging creative alternatives for digital storefronts with tailored and eye-catching artwork. This was a solid execution with some innovative risks taken despite the challenges it faced including theatrical performance and budget restrictions, meaning the team needed to push harder for success in this campaign.

WINNER: The Batman, Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery’s cross divisional teams worked together to deliver a comprehensive campaign that fused traditional tactics and digital innovation to yield excellent results. Following impressive theatrical returns, the team had a significant challenge to convert on transactional but by focusing on a data driven media campaign and comprehensive partnerships, they were able to target superfans but also convert casual fans too. Warner’s unique release strategy across PVOD, EST and physical focusing on purchase urgency and repeat viewership really impressed the judges. This included targeted social media to capitalise on fandom and optimising the reach of distribution channels including digital out-of-home advertisements placed in proximity to physical stores in the week leading up to Father’s Day. The judges believed the retail partnerships on this release were truly best-in-class and with excellent results, The Batman is a worthy winner.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jurassic World Dominion, Universal Pictures

Universal’s campaign for Jurassic World Dominion was a wide-ranging and strong marketing campaign with a clear and concise understanding of their target audience. The media campaign was really broad including innovative social assets to target existing core fans and those new to the franchise. A key highlight was the eye-catching Out-of-Home adverts via large scale outdoor media such as train stations and during a high-profile football match. The sku strategy was well thought-out with strong creative, an extended cut and a gift with purchase edition. Leveraging strong retailer partnerships was a key element of the campaign and with challenges around the release date, the team showed great agility and delivered a strong campaign with impressive results.

COMMENDED: Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical, Sony Pictures

The Sony Pictures campaign for Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical was enhanced by excellent teamwork and a clear digital strategy. There was a strong use of audience insights and the teamwork to bring this campaign together was an example of true collaboration. The use of influencers also helped to drive reach and engagement above and beyond the initial target market. Despite the challenge of the short window before the Netflix release, a lack of assets and a limited budget – the campaign execution was strong and covered all angles, outperforming on digital and yielding strong results all round.

WINNER: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Universal Pictures Content Group

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck overcame the challenge of not being a well-known title with a great plan, incredible execution of a multi-layer approach over a number of environments and a lot of hard work. The judges noted the key aspect that led this campaign to win was its level of thought and execution, using its budget to the maximum, nailing the media placements and having a strong, fresh and innovative creative.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Lionesses: How Football Came Home, Altitude Film Entertainment

The judges noted that one of the most impressive parts of the campaign for Lionesses was the short production timeline making it a real challenge to overcome. The team at Altitude took on a daunting prospect but demonstrated incredible teamwork to pull the final piece together in time. Building on experience rather than starting from scratch was a real success for the team and resulted in a smart release strategy that was perfect for its intended audience.


The judges felt that the campaign for Dance Craze was a great entry, as the team at BFI knew what would work for the audience and focused on this well. Positioning a brand-new 4k restoration and deluxe packaging as a ‘must own’ product, the PR campaign was especially highlighted by the judges. The launch screening, premiere and re-release theatrically caused plenty of buzz and resulted in impressive sales results.

WINNER: Chucky: Season 1, Universal Pictures

The campaign for Chucky: Season 1 had a clear challenge to convert the original film franchise lovers to the new TV series. As a result of an extensive and calculated strategy, the team created a unique offering for fans with a Steelbook release and a ‘Good Guys’ edition. The judges felt this was a really strong, visually stunning campaign from start to finish. They were particularly impressed by the Universal team’s tenacity, negotiation skills and willingness to adapt and learn, with a similar approach already in place for Season 2.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Better Call Saul: Final Season, Sony Pictures

The campaign for the final season of Better Call Saul put insights at the forefront, combining strategy, visually stunning artwork and strong partnerships to yield impressive results on a relatively small spend. The Sony team implemented learnings from the previous seasons and showed a real understanding of the challenging economic climate, as well as the impact of the title’s availability on SVOD. It was a calculated, joined-up campaign that performed well.

WINNER: SVOD & Transactional Optimisation, Sony Pictures

Sony’s commercial initiative on SVOD & Transactional Optimisation answers the everyday important questions that helps understanding on windowing and the impact of SVOD. The initiative was strategy-led, impactful, methodical and widely beneficial for the industry. The entry stood out in terms of its impact, its ability to overcome challenges – such as the difficulty of attaining data and working across stakeholders with competing internal objectives – and its articulation of data.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Next Generation Transactional Data, Official Charts Company

Next Generation Transactional Data is a wide-spanning market analysis of transactional data and serves as a great solution for wider audiences to make important decisions on where to invest within the market. It was energetic, passionate and tenacious, addressing a long-standing challenge for multiple stakeholders. The results were innovative, commercial, relevant and a great achievement for Official Charts Company.

COMMENDED: Championing New Release in Retail, Frontline

The judges agreed that launching a brand-new SVOD channel in the market was a bold and brave move and a great opportunity to fulfil a gap in the market for quality curated content. The project was a tremendous team effort with the launch especially well thought-out with a lot of energy behind it. The initiative was impactful despite limited resources and overall executed well with strong PR and retail partnerships and positive results.


Frontline’s initiative ‘Championing New Release in Retail’ used a huge amount of learnings from its team’s vast retail experience and showed tenacity to pull off a successful partnership with Tesco – reversing a previous decision from the company to withdraw from the physical category. The initiative served as a strong case study for delivering great eye-catching visual merchandising units to build awareness and deliver excellent in-store sales.

Rakuten TV’s Unleashing the Power of Ad-Supported Viewing was agile, unique, ambitious and delivered strong results. The team pivoted their business model, reacting to the challenging SVOD and TVOD market by creating a successful ad-supported model. It was an ambitious goal that required a lot of collaboration and innovation but overall resulted in growth and created learnings for the entire FAST sector.

WINNER: Wednesday' for Outernet, Spark & Netflix

Bringing Wednesday to the Outernet was an impressive use of new and emerging technology to really speak to the fans. It was a brave and inspired choice to use this space given the challenge of living up to the cool and clever space but the team delivered a fresh, engaging and immersive experience. The overall campaign was original and fresh while demonstrating the understanding of the fan base, given the space and audio for the iconic viral Wednesday dance. The team embraced the challenges that arose, such as using a new space under a very tight timeframe, but ultimately created something beautiful, slick and incredibly well-considered.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Amazing Maurice 360 Campaign, Once Upon A Time & Sky

The Amazing Maurice was a well-thought-out and far-reaching campaign which achieved great results. It was a fantastic example of a real 360 campaign working hard from start to finish. The campaign reach was playfully extended using partnerships, Sky platforms and the out-of-home cat up the Christmas tree at Westfield shopping centre. The judges felt this use of Maurice at the forefront of the campaign was a creative way to pay homage to Terry Pratchett’s own wit and humour.

WINNER: Aftersun, MUBI

Following the success of Hidden Gem in 2022, it has returned for 2023 alongside a second People’s Choice award. The winner of this year’s Hidden Gem is MUBI’s Aftersun! As voted by the industry, Aftersun was deemed the standout in this category as the title that captured the audience’s imagination and saw success beyond expectation.

Celebrating ‘labour of love’ titles; the ingenuity and innovation of those who believed in an idea, without an obvious audience, that ultimately came to fruition

WINNER: Spitfire Over Berlin, Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

Spitfire Over Berlin overcame several challenges to get from script to screen – a young and generally unknown filmmaker, a small budget and newly established partnerships. The budget was the first obstacle to overcome – adeptly navigated by honing in on  Kaleidoscope’s strong and established international partners for pre-sales. There were also numerous challenges throughout the film’s production journey, particularly being shot during the height of COVID with a skeleton crew. The brilliant teamwork on display at every turn, and nimble responses to bumps along the road enabled the film to go on to achieve domestic and global acclaim. With the final ROI for Spitfire Over Berlin at 211%, and domestic sales to date sitting at 244% of the production budget, there is no denying that this labour of love was one worth believing in, and a very worthy winner of the inaugural Script to Screen award.

COMMENDED: Lionesses: How Football Came Home, Altitude Film Entertainment

Lionesses: How Football Came Home offered insights into England’s historic Women’s EURO 2022 victory. It included touching and personal home footage, childhood stories and new interviews with the players, revealing the journey from the playground to the national team. The biggest difficulty was that there were just 16 weeks to take this from script to supermarket shelves and then to digital platforms. Pulling off this feat required careful and diligent planning with the entire company coming together to make this work. Through marketing including paid media, publicity (including The One Show and Sky Sports News) and endorsements from the players, the final result made it to the top 10 of the official chart, it was picked up by SVOD partner Sky Cinema and achieved an ROI of 169%.

WINNER: Subject & the Human Impact of Documentary Filmmaking, Dogwoof

The judges were thoroughly impressed by Dogwoof’s submission for Subject & the Human Impact of Documentary Filmmaking. The film seeks to shed light on the duty of care needed for the subjects of documentaries, a hugely relevant conversation for right now, considering the incredible popularity of documentary films and series across all screens and formats. The objectives of this initiative were clear and importantly will deliver a very clear benefit if met. Pushing to incorporate the learnings from this documentary into educational settings will have a real social impact as well as make a genuine difference to the wider film industry. A brilliant, bold and thought-provoking submission with an important issue to bring to light.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Sustainability, Deluxe

Deluxe is leading the way in terms of its sustainability goals to reach net zero by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions while influencing behaviour internally and externally across its supply chain. Its hard work is broken down into three key tenets: Reducing, Influencing and Adapting, targeting a mix of collaborative efforts and thought-leadership. The initiative serves as a great example that everyone needs to start somewhere with their sustainability goals and reiterates the continued need to have tailored approaches and focuses on this issue that affects us all. 

COMMENDED: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Seasoned Sessions Live Podcast with Judi Love, Substance Global & The Walt Disney Company

To celebrate the digital release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, a live and intimate recording of the award winning Seasoned sessions podcast by Buzzfeed at The Africa Centre in London, presented by Judi Love was created to discuss not only the film but the social impact of it. This included themes around motherhood, female empowerment and what the Black Panther legacy means for the communities around the world. This initiative offered an opportunity to share, learn and spread knowledge and experiences, giving the whole podcast a feeling of true authenticity, care, and reality.

COMMENDED: Living, Lionsgate UK


The team at Lionsgate captivated the experience of the character of Mr. Williams within the film Living for this social impact initiative, with the mission of Friends of the Market Place Playground being very similar to the journey to the film’s protagonist. This initiative transformed a poorly maintained playground under threat of development into a space for a diverse community to give back to a group of people where 30% of the children are living below the poverty line.


Tim Friend, Spark

Dan Guthrie, Alliance for IP

Sabine Henssler, MPA (Europe)

Patrizia Leighton, hmv

Richard Hibbins, Sony Pictures

Kevin Dersley, Elevation Sales

Joe Anderton, Zavvi

Louisa Mitchell, Universal Pictures

Becca Monahan, Official Charts Company

Monica Mardarescu, Universal Pictures

Frank Cirillo, Spirit Entertainment

Tom Evans, Once Upon A Time